Electronic records management class, here I come!

On Weds I'm taking one of SAA's Electronic Records workshops, this time on managing ERs. Chris Prom is the teacher. I am prepared. I hope it goes well. Sadly, I learned that Amtrak does not provide adequate internet access for me to access email. However, my hotel does! SAA is offering a series of multi-tiered workshops to assist those of us who graduated before there were computers in grad school classrooms. Yes, there was such a time. My plan is to take one workshop a year, or more. This is my second. The first was in RI. Everyone was sick. We passed kleenex, pain meds, and coughdrops. I thought none of us would survive, but most of us did.   Then it snowed! We were terrified our flights would all be cancelled.  It was quite an experience. I wonder if tomorrow's experience will come close to that of RI.


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