UK 10 Downing St. Home Office hacked by Anonymous

On Sat Anonymous hacked the Home Office website of No 10 Downing St., UK, and threatened to hack it again every weekend. Whether or not A. will do so remains to be seen. There is some confusing as to why, or in retaliation for what, exactly the Home Office was hacked. There are options to chose from. Anonymous has been so busy hacking. What or which government or other website will it hack next? It looks like hacking and disruption of website access and functionality is here to stay as a means of protest. How effective is it? We are certainly paying attention to it in the news.  Companies and government website owners are clearly trying to hack-proof their sites as best they can. Right now most of the hacking is to temporarily disrupt access to the site, but what happens when the hacking changes the site? That will be the next thing. It's already happened with worms. For more read BBCNews


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