Successful trip to Ferris St. U. Archives for my archives class

Eventually, thanks to the reroute, we all arrived at Ferris last night for a tour of the Archives at FSU thanks to Melinda Isler. My students were surprised at the differences between the archives there and the Clarke, both in function and facilities. We do similar functions, but focus our energies in different percentages on different tasks. FSU has a lively records management function and CMU does not. We are in a 10-year old building and they are in an older, renovated building, the only one on campus which escaped the horrible FSU fire. Our storage is in one location in one building and hers is in one building, but spread out over different floors. Still, we both function pretty well. I hope everyone made it home safely. That reroute was something. It is very important to visit and learn about archives besides your own, take a tour, and realize that we are all different and trying to accomplish our jobs the best we can with what we have. Thanks Melinda!


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