Boston College IRA records court edict expected in 2-3 months

As I reported earlier in my blog in the 1970s a number of oral histories were taken of former IRA members, with the agreement they would not be released until they died, and given to Boston College. Northern Ireland police want access to solve murders and arrest murderers. The college has donor agreements. Historians want documentation and eventually access to it. There is an agreement between the US and UK about murder evidence that it will be shared. This is America so of course the mess went to court. 

The 1st US Circuit Court of Appeals held a hearing to decide if the records, made with the promise of they would remain secret until those interviewed died, should be given to NI police. Police are specifically interested in the 1972 murder case of one woman and who was involved with it. A US District Court judged ruled the college must turn over the interviews, specifically those of Dolours Price.  Two men, one a former IRA member, and the other, an IRish journalist who directed the oral history project, filed a lawsuit challenging the District Court ruling.  They believe IRA members will be harmed and it will ruin the NI oral history project. Who will talk if they can be found guilty?

So this will have an interesting effect on many things, international relations, police, murder investigations, former IRA members, donor agreements, and oral history projects.

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