historic landmark building reshingled

I used to work near Philadephia, which is on the Schuylkill River (pronounced Scoo-kill'). My husband's company. Saint-Gobain) recently  created polymer shingles through a partnership between CertainTeed and Friends of Historic Sedgeley to restore the siding of the Sedgeley Club Boathouse in Philadelphia, on the Schuylkill River. The club is one of the world's oldest athletic club for women.  The building will look historic and the new shingles will last a long time, helping preserve the building. A brief mention of the joint project and an image of the very historic colonial Philadelphia architectural-style building is in At A Glance, the business journal of Saint-Gobain, 2018, p. 9.

I'm off to MAA in Bay City and then a brief vacation, so this will be my last blog entry for a week.

Vindolana writing tablets

I've always been fascinated by ancient peoples and what we know about them from surviving primary sources.  The largest cache of Roman shoes was excavated by the Roman Fort of Vindolanda located just south of  Hadrian's wall in the UK.  Because of the local environment and mud, many objects including huge numbers of shoes of all sizes, shapes, and types have been found. Some remind me of sandals I've owned.

However, what I think is the coolest artifacts excavated there are a number of delicate, wooden writing tablets, which are the oldest handwritten documents discovered in Britain. They are so cool to me because they allow a ancient people, using their own words, to speak directly to us from the past. The tablets are considered by historical experts as "Britain's Top Treasure." They record the same kinds of information we care about today, daily matters, birthdays, and business. It makes the ancient writers seem present, enables us to identify with them clos…

"Staffers tape back together presidential records Trump rips up"

This morning I couldn't help but be horrified at the headline
"Staffers tape back together presidential records Trump rips up"Pres. Trump rips official documents into "tiny pieces". The presidential records (those created and received in any format) must preserved according to the Presidential Records Act, which is federal law. His staff are taping these documents together. I feel sorry for the National Archives staff who have to deal with his administration now and in the future.  I don't feel sorry for his immediate staff who have chosen to work for him. Read more about it here

Look what we found processing the Feltner collection

This is one resource in a large collection of Great Lakes marine archaeological historical resources of Dr. Charles and Jeri Feltner that was recently donated to the Clarke. Students have sorted out many  copies of publications that we already have at CMU. Non-duplicate publications will be cataloged. JoAnna is processing all the materials that remain, 22 cubic feet consisting mostly of copies of publications, articles, chapters, series, class and presentation information, unpublished papers,  correspondence, charts, lists, and other information that we do not already have at CMU.

Grand Valley State University Libraries seeks applications for a 2018-2020 Library Faculty Diversity Fellow

FB shared data with Chinese firms.

FB shared data with Chinese firms. One of the firms, Huawei, is a company US intelligence considers a security threat. Huawei is a telecom in China with close links to the Chinese Communist Party and the military. There are concerns that shared data could be used to monitor, find and control people. FB says the data shared was for services used on phones and that the data was stored on the devices not Huawei's servers.  For more information about this see

Busy processing in the Archives

We are busy, busy in the archives. Intern JoAnna finished processing Weaver Mini-orals, reference A-Z, and will tackle miscellaneous reference next. Intern Nikki is processing Weaver campaigns.