Thursday, July 2, 2015

Loyola History Conf. posting

Here's a Loyola History Conf. posting.

Conference Recap: Destablilizing Normativity, Public Engagement, LGBTQ Histories, and More

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Happy 4th. I'm gone until the 15th.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Clarke position


Position summary: Responsible for managing, coordinating, and assisting in the planning and development of the Library’s reformatting operations (digital and microfilm) in reference, production, and outreach. Applications review to begin July 10th. For more info see positing at

Dick Moehl's papers

pile 1
pile 2
Richard L.  "Dick" Moehl was a leader in the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Assn. (GLLKA). Through him the Clarke received the GLLKA records, including documentation of people who grew up living in lighthouses, lighthouses the group worked to save from destruction and restore, including St. Helena, saving the ice cutter Mackinac and making it into a museum vessel, their fight to get MI declared the national lighthouse state, periodicals they generated, and the topical photographs that they accumulated. Now we have his papers, approx. 65 cu.ft. in two piles in our hall.  It's in various size boxes so it won't fit on the stacks shelves without reboxing, so we are going to let it sit until we can get it processed. We will tackle Dick Moehl's papers soon. To read more about the other collections he donated click here
To learn more about the GLLKA collection click here

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Luedtke Construction Co. records

The records of Luedtke Construction Co., a 3rd generation marine construction company in Frankfort, MI, is partially processed. We are in series three Jobs, which is documentation of jobs they bid on and were awarded as well as some smaller jobs, like towing vessels. So far Series 1 Local Historical 3 boxes (approx. 3 feet), series 2 Daily Reports  70 boxes (35 cu.ft.) and now series 3 Jobs 86 boxes (43 cu.ft.) are processed, with more to go in series 3. A fourth series No Low Bid (jobs they did not do but bid on) remains to be tackled.We've been on series 3 since June 1. We have a long way to go. About 156 cu.ft. came from the company. More should be coming in the future.
Here's part of  processed Luedtke series 3 Jobs

Here is Luedtke WDs (withdrawn materials)

Monday, June 29, 2015

early computer techies needed

The UK's National Museum of Computing is appealing to the public for help repairing its computers and monitors from the1980s. Vising school groups actually use these computers to understand how things have changed. The museum should invest in getting someone trained by the old computer techies before they (the old techies) all die out. Read more about it here

list of removed Google links to be posted

The European court ruled that people, in countries in the European Union, could request that specific links that were "irrelevant" and outdated could be removed upon petition. For clarification, "A removal does not mean it is taken off the internet, nor the search engine as a whole. Instead, it means the specific link will not appear when a search for a person's name is conducted."  For example, maybe at one point you owed back taxes, but you really didn't, there was an error in the tax office, and you were later cleared of it. Some people believed the removal amounted to censorship. The BBC has decided to publish the list of these removed links. This now ignites debate about if this infringes upon the rights of those who asked and received removal of some links.  Google was against removal. Read more about it here

Friday, June 26, 2015

China believed responsible for massive US government hack

Big surprise, the US has decided that China is the lead suspect in the "massive hack" of US government computer information of 14 million (plus) Americans. How embarrassing. When are we or our alliesgoing to  hack them and shut them down? Read more about it here