Friday, May 22, 2015

Interesting techy stories of the day

1) the UK government is selling "big chunks" of Internet addresses it no longer uses. A Norwegian firm bought the first 150,000 for about 600,000 pounds. The addresses are valuable because there is a limited number of Internet addresses available due to a naming system from the 1970s. Available addresses from the system are almost used up. The future (5-10 year) plan is that the net will move to a new, different naming scheme which will offer almost unlimited naming options. Read more about it here  I wonder when other governments will do this to shore up their assets.

2) Two "interesting" websites were hacked and admitted it recently, one is a California adult dating/sex website, Adult Friend Finder. The personal preferences and information of 3.9 of its 64 million users was hacked.  The numbers are amazing to me.  An investigation is occurring now.  Read more about it here                                                       

The other hacked website, MSpy in the UK, allows a user to spy on another person. Parents spy on children, employers on employees, but also others can use for "nefarious purposes." Clearly ex-spouses or spouses or criminals and the law could spy on each other. Terrorists I suppose could use this as well, which is really scary.  The information of at least 80,000 users was exposed online, possibly the information for up to 400,000 users. Again, the numbers amaze me. Read more about it here

Disney Data Analyst job posting

Data Analyst (729079)
Walt Disney Animation Studios - Los Angeles, California
The Data Analyst will be responsible for providing data analytics expertise to support a variety of piracy intelligence initiatives to measure movie and TV viewing trends across digital media platforms. S/he will analyze and report on data from functions within piracy intelligence and across various business units supporting film and TV distribu ... view details
Position Type:
Contact Information:
LeTísha P. Shaw
Piracy Management
500 Buena Vista Street
MC 4944
Burbank, California 91521-4944
United States
818 560 4794
Posting Date:
May 21, 2015
End Date:
July 21, 2015

Archivists on the Issues blog begins

A new blog is developing called Archivists on the Issues through Issues & Advocacy Roundtable of MAC.

Entries should discuss how a particular issue in the news affected or could potentially affect you as an archivist and/or your collections. Unless contributors indicate otherwise, each post will be published anonymously. Institutional information will be limited to broad identifiers, i.e., college/university, government, corporate, etc. Please limit submissions to 500 words. We encourage multiple entries on the same topic, as well as rebuttals, and hope to generate a rich conversation about the issues confronting our profession.
Please send your submissions to We are also happy to receive ideas for posts and provide feedback.

This is from the MAC listserv. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Palmyra is next

ISIS is now in charge of the town of Tadmur, the site of the ruins of ancient Palmyra, a UNESCO world heritage site. I feel terrible sympathy for the people of the area and the horror they are experiencing. Historically I fear for Palmyra. Considering what ISIS did to Nimrud (damaged it, then bulldozed it, then blew it up) there is little hope for Palmyra. The Syrian government reports it saved some of the statues from Palmyra, but Palmyra is a huge, significant complex. It is pretty certain ISIS will do everything it can to destroy it. What a sad day for the world. Read more about it here

Osama bin Laden's papers-an interesting read

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) [this is a US unit of -read more about it here ] released some of Bin Laden's files which include caring letters to his family, a love letter to one of his wives, an application to join his terrorist organization, lots of English language books, including US government reports and other interesting information on financials and suicide prevention. He was totally focused on attacking the US and mad at other terrorists who implemented attacks on other countries. IF nothing else it shows even those who hate love somebody. This point reminds me of a certain British show about drug sellers.  Read more about it here

Saginaw Corp Archives summer internship w Nexteer Auto.

click here

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Clinton's email again

The State Dept. says it needs until 2016 to get through all of Hillary Clinton's email to release what should be released to the public. There's a lot of it covering a lot of issues so it all needs to be reviewed. She's released 50,000 pages of printed emails and would like them released sooner rather than later. I'm sure some are seething over this. I wish she'd just released it all to a committee for review and avoided this mess. Read more about it and the issues raised by what she did using one email system for personal/work combined and cleaning her private server here