Wednesday, October 1, 2014

University of MI School of Information programs, events, etc.

Each fall, UMSI participates in events to recruit for our PhD program, Master of Science in Information program, and Master of Health Informatics (a joint program with the School of Public Health).   If you know of someone interested in our programs, please share this calendar of our recruiting events with them.  I¹ve outlined our recruitment events below.

As we have in the past, we will host informational events in Ann Arbor to help prospective students learn about UMSI¹s programs and provide them with a chance to engage with staff, current students, and faculty (at the Saturday events).  If you know of someone interested, please encourage them to attend one of the following:

We will also be at various conferences and events around the country.  Similarly, if you know someone who is attending these or who is in the area, please encourage them to stop by our booth.

  • AmeriCorps Virtual Graduate School Fair ­ Tuesday, September 30
  • Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing, Phoenix, AZ - October 8-10
  • University of Michigan in Detroit - Thursday, November 6, 6:00-9:00 p.m. (check calendar for final location)
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Conference, Detroit, MI - November 7-8
  • California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, San Diego, CA ­ Saturday, November 8

We also welcome you to have interested prospective students contact us directly at or 734-763-2285.  Prospective students interested in the MHI program should contact

Thank you for your attention and for your help in continuing to refer great students to UMSI.


Alissa Talley-Pixley
Recruiting and Admissions Coordinator
UMSI Admissions <>

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

not one Ermine painting but three

Recent tests have proven that Leonardo painted three portraits to get to the famous, final Lady with the Ermine portrait. It changes how the art world thinks of Leonardo's portrait and painting technique. First she was painted with out the ermine in a red and black dress, then with a small, gray ermine and a blue sleeve was added, then, in the final version, she looks as we have known her. Fascinating. Guess this means lots of new academic discussions and papers as well as new text books for all the art 101 students. Read more about it here

the anti-Facebook

Don't like the ads but love social media? There is a social media site that is bare bones and without ads. It was invented by a bike shop owner in Vermont, Paul Budnitz. It's name is Ello. Originally it was designed for communication just between the owner and his friends. Budnitz opened  Ello to others in Aug. Since then, 31,000 requests to join PER HOUR have been received. Read more about it here

Monday, September 29, 2014

encrypted phones

The FBI thinks encrypted phones will aid and abet criminal activity. Apple says it won't, that it will allow for more privacy, but information can be accessed by authorities if needed. Who is right? How secure will it be? Read more about it here

Saturday, September 27, 2014

EU again requests that Google change privacy rulings

In March 2012 Google combined data from YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. At the same time it combined its then 60 privacy policies. The European Union  data privacy regulators want Google to alter its policies again to bring them more in line with European standards for data privacy and protection. Google has already made some requested changes, but the EU wants more.  Read more about it here news/technology-29381114?print=true

Shellshock attacks recorded

Shellshock attacks have already occurred. So far, "thousands of servers" are already "compromised." In some cases, Shellshock makes the server blast excess data at a site, making the site inoperable. Read more about it here

Friday, September 26, 2014


This is too interesting to post later...Apple's Mac operating systems have a flaw in their software known as Bash. This is part of the Linux systems. Many servers run on the Apache system which includes Bash. There is a "deadly bug" called Shellshock which is worse than Heartbleed. Heartbleed infected an estimated 500,000 computers internationally, but Shellshock may infect 500 million computers. Bash (which stands for Bourne Again Shell) is a command prompt. Did you know there is a US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (referred to as US-Cert)? Well there is. It issued a warning about Shellshock recommending IT people use a patch, but the patch is incomplete. Shellshock has higher potential than Heartbleed to do terrible damage, but the bug itself is not very complex which allows hackers to easily use it. Shellshock allows for someone to "potentially take over the operating system, access confidential info, make changes, etc." Security experts believe hackers are using it. Read more about it here  If you want to learn more about US-Cert click here