new archival boxes

With all the snow days I'm still trying to catch up. I got some new archival boxes today. Nothing makes me happier except when the processing room is well cleaned at the end of each term.

Planning the rotation of the Denison Native American art exhibit

It's been an interesting,  terrible weather week of snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and gusty wind chills.  in the archives, when we are open, life goes on. Volunteer Lindsey is planning the next rotation of the Denison Native American art exhibit cases, moving what is currently in them back into their nice storage boxes in our stacks, and moving new materials with descriptive labels providing context into the cases.We rotate the art periodically. There are 3 horizontal and 3 vertical cases.

locks of hair in collections

Sometimes archival collections contain locks of human hair. Usually this is a lock of hair as a remembrance of a deceased relative, often a soldier or a child. Also you find locks of hair of famous people in archival collections.  Locks of hair of very famous people sell at auction for a lot of money. In 2015 a lock of Mozart's hair sold for about 10,000 pounds (article link  Yesterday an unusually chunky lock of George Washington's hair sold at auction for $35,000. (article link  Some archives may more actively collect letters containing a lock of hair. While the Clarke does not actively collect locks of hair, but we do have locks of hair in three collections in the Clarke.

Alanson Alden Papers, 1838-1865 1 folder

Papers, 1838-1865, undated, include: legal papers such as a marriage contract, mortgages, deeds,…

2008 editing system

Today I was able on the 2008 Apple video editing system to find the 2010 Investiture ceremony of Pres. George Ross for the CMU's CETL and the Office of the President. My student Carolyn and I dug through boxes of materials looking for a DVD, but finally I found it on the machine. With help from friends we were able to copy it onto a flashdrive. This was state-of-the-art once. What state-of-the-art systems were you using in 2008? Now the system is so old that my next step is to transfer the data into a system we routinely use, not a MAC. I can't open the harddrive up on my current work computer. Ah, digital obsolescence.

MAC in Detroit registration is now open!

We packed up CMU.Athletics today

Today a crew of students and I packed up the paper-based files of CMU. Athletics from their basement. In about 2 hours we packed 125 cubic feet from 14 series including statistics,  student and coach files, publications, awards, and other materials.

Many, many thanks to Mitchell and Stephanie from CRM, Adam, Christian, and Dayton from Athletics and my intern Carolyn who were all pitched in 100% packing like archival champions!

Soon these boxes will move to the Clarke and join a small collection of material that has already been transferred related to high school sports, scorebooks, Hall of Fame materials and Athletic Awards. A big shout out to Facilities Management for bringing our big boxes of boxes downstairs without an elevator and who will move all the boxes upstairs and to us, again without an elevator.

 In addition here are a few treasures we brought back to the archives today.

Metro Detroit Area Historians Collegium.