My students are all graduating!!!

This year between May and August all of my students are graduating except Cassie, who is going to Germany first and will graduate there in a year. Every term I put together a goody bag for my students to snack on while studying for exams. I also have a graduation card  for each with a gift reflecting each year they've been with me working and doing great archival processing. Half of them have been with me since summer or fall 2015.  Ashley, Brian, Cassie, Courtney, Jen, JoAnna, and Jon.  Pocessing will slow while I get new processing volunteers and interns trained and working up towards the level these students attained. I'm grateful I had the chance to get to know them, that they did great work for me, and I'm privileged to have helped them learn skills and information and guide them on their way into their future careers, some as archivists, some off to library/information school, some as cultural resource managers.

They processed a lot of collections while they were her…

There's an archivist for that!

I love this title! It is the truth and has been for a long time. This is a repeating column and here's the current article

MSU library job posting

Due to the amazing ice storm we had I stayed home yesterday. Today I see there is yet another MI libraries job posted.

Tawny Ryan Nelb presenting to my class HST 583 last Tues night

Tawny Ryan Nelb presented about architectural records to my Archives Administration HST 583 class Tues night. She does such a wonderful job. Thanks Tawny!  Here are some fun images:

Additional CMU SCREE presentations of interest

Here are some more CMU SCREE posters I found interesting: